Why get involved?

Crowdacure Founder

Dr Sagit Weiss, MD, MSc – Founder and CEO

Both a physician and a scientist, her vision is that medical research funding needs to go through a process of disruption, to ensure that important research happens and addresses our needs.

Sagit has gone through a rich and international career, first in internal medicine and then in the pharmaceutical industry (12 years) as a senior executive. She has been a researcher in both worlds, and her experience in medical research funding spans both sides of the process, applying for funding and allocating funding.

Sagit says about Crowdacure: « I have had the privilege to provide medical care to patients, I have had the most interesting work both as a researcher and working for the pharmaceutical industry. People thought I was crazy to change direction. But what I do today, disrupting medical research funding, is the culminating heritage of those years».

Crowdacure is a crowdfunding platform for peer-reviewed (vetted) hard to fund and / or underfunded medical research.

Our mission is to make sure that no disease is left unresearched.

Examples of underfunded research include areas of medicine such as stroke, COPD (chronic bronchitis), palliative care, trauma medicine, generic drugs, and nutraceuticals (food with extra health benefits) and of course rare and neglected tropical diseases (common in developing regions), to just mention a few.

It is noteworthy that more than one are listed in the World Health Organisation top 10 list of global causes of death.

The consequences of the difficulty to fund medical research are endless: from missed opportunities to save lives to avoid disability and relieve pain. They are closer than one would imagine, possibly affecting one of our beloved ones as we speak.

Our aim is to work with the community in order to bring a change to this situation. We believe that the only way to reach this objective is to bring you, the “community”, on board. This would change the mechanisms of prioritisation and break through the traditional ways of funding research.

We invite you to partner with researchers to leave your mark on Medicine, to support hard to fund and / or underfunded medical research.

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